After 18 I reachead out to the starsand left my small hometown of Belo Horizonte for the opportunities that Sao Paulo had to offer. After working at an account office in Sao Paulo not liking much what i was doing. In the weekends i started going to on of my friends well known hair salon on the north of Sao Paulo to help them. There was then , that i started the interested for the Artistry of Hairstyling. After working my way up through various high end Salons, I became the Key Hairstylist at the Hilton Hotel in Sao Paulo. Feeling the need to grow again; I left for Europe to explore style in Madrid , Barcelona, Paris, Milan, London and Geneva. Fortune and Fate brought me to Chicago to continue grow , studying and creating a look like no other. Hair is all about texture , movement and form captivating the eye. I bring that passion to style.

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